Solving Posture Problems

Solving Posture Problems

There is nothing worse than a weightlifter with big muscles and terrible posture.  We’ve all seen them.  You know who I’m talking about.  You may even be one of them, standing in the gym with a stringer tank top and massive front delts pulling your shoulders forward.  I’m not just talking about poor shoulder alignment, you may be staring down at your phone right now, with your chin jutting out too far and your neck in a semi permanent curve.  And don’t get me started on your sitting habits…driving around in your car slouched like its a bean bag chair, with your lower back curved the wrong way and your pelvis tilted.  Tisk, tisk.  

Why go thru the trouble of building all that bulk if you are not going to showcase it correctly?  

Besides the obvious downgrading effect of bad posture on your physique (hasn’t all of those Instagram mirror selfies taught you anything?) there are some...

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Mastering the Plank: build an iron core with this simple plank progression plan

“Mastering the Plank: build an iron core with this simple plank progression plan 


There’s a reason why the most basic exercises are usually the most effective ones for building strength - they are easy to master and they work.  What is the first exercise that comes to mind when you think of a leg workout?  I’m willing to bet the answer is Squats.  And just like the bench press comes to mind when you think of training chest, the first exercise that should stand out when you think of core strength is the Plank.  I’ll forgive you this once if you actually thought of crunches instead of the plank, but I guarantee it won’t happen again after I explain to you why Plank variations are the most basic AND effective tool for core training.

First off, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite fitness buzzword - core.  What is the core?  If you immediately said “abs” or 6-pack”, you would be...

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