Nutrition in a Nutshell: A survivalist guide to eating clean on the go

“Nutrition in a Nutshell”

A survivalist guide to eating clean on the go…without counting your macros.  


The number one complaint I hear from people who are trying to get in shape is “I’m having a hard time sticking to my diet.  I do great then _____________ always screws me up”.

School.  Work.  Travel.  Your in-laws that use pasta as the base for every meal.  The coworkers who think being nice means bringing a box of Krispy Kremes for the office.  No matter how great your nutrition plan is on paper and how meticulous you are about tracking your macros and measuring portion sizes, there will always be potential landmines thru out the day that can knock you off track and delay your progress.  That is, unless you have a solid plan in place to sidestep them before they can do damage.  I’m not worried about the specifics of your nutrition plan - there are many diets out there that will work if...

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